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How to Drive in Multiple-Lane Roads & Roundabouts?

Every driver needs to learn how to driver properly in multiple-lane roads and round-a-bouts. It is common driving knowledge and it ensures that no unnecessary accidents are caused by the driver... Read more

How to Avoid a Backup Collision?

One of the most common types of accidents reported is caused by backup collisions. The National Non-Profit Risk Management Center have also stated that backup collisions are the most common cause of collisions, since many ... Read more

How Safe is Cruise Control Mode?

Cruise control, also known as auto cruise or speed control in some countries is basically a system that controls the speed of the car automatically. The cruise control system basically takes over the throttle of the vehicle in order to maintain ... Read more

Drivers, Cyclists, Pedestrians: Who has Right of Way?

Driving laws never really get the right-of-way laws correct in most situations, as it simply states when a right-of-way has to be yield. Failure to obey the laws generally results in an accident and it is up to the drivers, cyclists... Read more

Common Mistakes When Reading Traffic Signs

Traffic signs come in a lot of different shapes, colors and sizes, which is why they are so confusing for many drivers to get right. With so many different traffic signs on the road, it is little wonder why drivers tend to get confused and lose track of what each traffic sign means... Read more

How to Overtake on Highways Safely?

There are certain rules that have to be followed when it comes to driving on the highway. There are a lot of accidents that take place on highways, and most of them are caused when drivers are looking to overtake others. ... Read more

Speed Limit for the Safety of You and Others

Every state has got their own speed limit laws, which clearly states the conditions in which a driver may not drive faster than the necessary limit stated. For instance, if you are driving at 55 mph in a speed zone that is limited to 45 mph... Read more

Steps to Follow When Approaching a Stop Sign

A lot of drivers don’t know the proper steps that they need to take when they are approaching a stop sign. Stop signs are used to control traffic and will generally be placed at road junctions to instruct drivers on their right of way and to avoid unnecessary accidents ... Read more

What Should You Know About The Wrong Way Sign?

Wrong-way driving is basically when you are driving a vehicle against the direction of regular traffic. It can happen on one- or two-way roads, in parking lots and garages as well. Wrong way driving is often due to driver impairment or inattention,... Read more

Three Ways to Avoid a Rear-End Collision

The right of way is generally used to describe the lawful right that has been established when passing along a specific route, through a property or grounds that belong to another. It is a thoroughfare or a path that has been subjected to a right... Read more