How to Overtake on Highways Safely?

There are certain rules that have to be followed when it comes to driving on the highway. There are a lot of accidents that take place on highways, and most of them are caused when drivers are looking to overtake others. This is why you need to learn how to overtake on highways safely. Here are some important rules that you have to follow when you are looking to overtake someone on the highway:

  • Ensure that the road ahead is clear
  • There are not other drivers looking to overtake you
  • There is enough open road in front of the driver you are overtaking
  • Don’t get too close to the vehicle you are overtaking
  • Use your side-view and rear-view mirrors when you are looking to overtake
  • Don’t attempt to follow another driver who is overtaking another
  • Allow plenty of room for the car you are overtaking

When you are overtaking at night the conditions and low visibility may make it tricky to gauge the distance and speed of other drivers. Therefore proceed with extra caution when you are overtaking during night time on the highway. Overtaking large vehicles on the highway can be difficult, which is why you should look to:

  • Never get close when overtaking large vehicles
  • Don’t commit to the maneuver unless you are sure about the room available
  • Give yourself enough time to complete the overtaking safely

You should never look to overtake other vehicles on the highway during the following circumstances:

  • If you are doubtful about the gap in front of the vehicle you are overtaking
  • If another driver is attempting to overtake you
  • If the driver in front of you is driving faster than you

Overtaking on highways can be tricky and you should always check to see first if other drivers are not attempting to overtake you, since it can lead to a collision. You should always use your signals when you are looking to overtake someone and never try to cut in after overtaking another driver. When overtaking a driver on the highway you should ensure that you are driving at a higher speed than the other driver and you shouldn’t try to force the overtaking maneuver.

In the event that another driver is trying to overtake you on the highway you should always be courteous and maintain a steady speed. You should slow down and let the driver pass you and never obstruct the driver or increase your speed unpredictably, since it may cause the other driver to collide. You should drop back and maintain a safe distance if someone overtakes you and pulls into the gap in front of you on the highway.

You should not hold up a long queue of traffic when driving on the highway, especially if you are driving a slow moving or large vehicle. Keep an eye on your mirrors and if possible, you should pull in and let other vehicles pass you safely.