Frequently Asked Questions

Following are some of the regularly asked questions about this course. If you got any other additional questions, please contact our support team any time you want.

The licensing of your online failure to yield by state of Wisconsin

Our course of failure to yield is approved fully by the state of Wisconsin. It follows the two hour mandated length and covers all the important things.

Finding out my eligibility for taking this course

After the conviction of violation for failure to yield, you will receive a notice by the DMV in which you will be ordered to complete the online course. The notice will also consist of a link to register for the course directly, and you can also do so by visiting our site.

Sending my traffic school certificate

Once your online course has been completed, your certificate of completion’s electronic copy will be mailed to the DMV. We will also send a copy to you in case you want it so that you can keep it as proof that you have successfully completed your course with us.

The length and duration of this course

The course will not be timed, and this means that you can take it at your own selected pace. The course is mandated by the state of Wisconsin and is two hours in length. You may choose to finish it in one day or take several days to do so. You need to know that the court will state a deadline by which time you will have to complete the course. Due to this, you will have to plan accordingly.

The things I will study

The course will focus on the review of the whole right of way statutes currently being enforced under the law in Wisconsin. There will be five chapters that are all very easy to study.

The need for taking the final exam

There will be a final exam which you would have to take. The exam will consist of fifteen multiple choice questions and you will have to score 80% or more for passing. You will be given two attempts in all to pass the exam.