2 Hour Right of Way Violation Course for Wisconsin

Approved by Wisconsin Department of Transportation

  • Our Course is Accepted in the Entire State of Wisconsin
  • Course Completion Certificate sent to DMV for FREE
  • Work on Your Own Terms Anytime and Anywhere
  • Full of Videos And Animations In Every Unit
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2 Hours Only Online Course

This online course only takes 2 hours to complete. You can log in and out several times and take multiple breaks.

FREE Certificate Delivery

Once you complete the course, we will communicate with the DMV for free thereby saving you a local trip to them.

Statewide Approved in Wisconsin

Our course is approved across statewide for traffic citation. So, so sign up for this course with 100% confidence.

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This entire website from start to finish is SSL Encrypted thereby protecting and securing your identity from theft and phishing.

Failure to Yield Wisconsin Traffic School

It is never a good experience to receive a Failure to stop citation and for all those drivers who have received such a violation will be required to complete a traffic safety course by the state of Wisconsin. However, such fulfillment of the court requirement should not be such a hassle for you. We offer an online course for this very citation for the Wisconsin drivers so that you can complete the course from the comfort of your home and at your own pace. This means that you will be able to fit our two hour course in your schedule without any hassle or troubles.

Filled with Videos and Animations

The entire online course is filled with graphics, interactive 3-D animations, videos, and audio clips because we want you to have fun. You can work on the course in as many sessions as you like, logging in and out anytime. This way you can take a break whenever you need one and never be overloaded with too much information at one time.

How the Course Works

If you have a similar violation conviction, then the state of Wisconsin (wisconsindmv.gov/right-of-way) will be providing the drivers with the opportunity to take an online traffic school course and fulfill the Failure to Yield requirement. The various steps that you will have to take include the following:

Receive a DMV notice that requires you to complete a course on right of way or failure to yield.
The DMV in Wisconsin will be sending you a notice in the case that you have been convicted of a violation related to failure to yield. This notice will require that you finish an approved course like the one we offer on this site. The deadline for course completion will be received along with the course registration link. Our online course can be signed up from this link or you can simply visit our website. You may ask the court if your ticket can be dismissed or your points can be prevented from showing up on your driving record.

Enroll into and finish our online traffic school course.
Our course is two hours in length and is self-paced. However, there is a deadline mandated by the court which you have to follow. This means that you need to give a sufficient amount of time to finishing it.

Your certificate of completion will be submitted by us.
Your certificate will be electronically submitted to the DMV once the course has been completed. We will also send you your completion form so that you may have proof that you completed your course with us.

You need to be sure that you have credit by checking driving record.
You need to follow up with your DMV and make sure that the credit has been received for the course. If it is not present on record, the violation will be considered as outstanding. This could lead to increased insurance rates and added fines.