How to Drive in Multiple-Lane Roads & Roundabouts?

Every driver needs to learn how to driver properly in multiple-lane roads and round-a-bouts. It is common driving knowledge and it ensures that no unnecessary accidents are caused by the driver. A round-a-bout is basically an intersection that has got one or more lines of traffic or marked lanes that are in the same direction in the shape of a central traffic island. There are common driving rules and regulations that you must follow when driving at a roundabout. Here are some of them:

  • Always drive towards the left of the central traffic island
  • Always drive in the direction of the arrows or signs on the road that lead up to and around the roundabout.
  • 3 Or 4 Lane Roundabouts

Every driver needs to approach the correct lane when they are entering a multiple-lane roundabout. The driver shouldn’t attempt to switch lanes and should be driving in the same lane until they exit the roundabout. The driver should signal appropriately when they are ready to leave the roundabout.

Turning Left At Multi-Lane Roundabouts

All drivers should know when to turn left when they are approaching the roundabout and give the proper signal. If there are more than 2 lanes then you should always aim to use the lane that is towards the left hand side of the two lanes.

Following The Road Ahead At Multi-Lane Roundabouts

This is where things can become a little tricky at multi-lane roundabouts, since you will have to keep a look out for road signs on all sides of the road and check for the markings that will indicate which lane you should enter. Drivers are commonly advised to enter the left lane when approaching and once they get closer to the roundabout, to keep a lookout for any possible road signs that might be indicating for the traffic to stop. You don’t need to signal when you are approaching the roundabout but it is mandatory for the driver to signal correctly when they are looking to exit the roundabout. This is done to show other drivers that you are leaving the roundabout and that they should leave some room for you to exit properly.

Turning Right At Multi-Lane Roundabouts

If you are turning right at a multi-lane roundabout then you should always use the right hand side lane when approaching the roundabout. If there are 4 lanes in the multi-lane roundabout, 2 of those lanes will be for turning right and you should choose the lane that is the leftmost. Once you have entered the roundabout, you should never switch lanes and use the same lane when you are exiting the roundabout.

Driving in multi-lane roads and roundabouts takes a lot of practice and experience, since there are so many signs to look out for along with other drivers. You should always leave space and lower speed when you are entering or exiting a roundabout, since it can be extremely easy to cause a collision.