How Safe is Cruise Control Mode?

OCruise control, also known as auto cruise or speed control in some countries is basically a system that controls the speed of the car automatically. The cruise control system basically takes over the throttle of the vehicle in order to maintain the speed at a steady rate that is set by the driver. The majority of cars today have got the speed control option on them, since it allows the drivers to relax and rest their feet, while the speed of the car remains constant.

However, using the cruise control mode in certain weather conditions can be extremely dangerous, and it is advised never to use cruise control in wet conditions. There are both advantages and disadvantages of using cruise control, so let us take a look at both of them in order to determine if it is safe:

Advantages of Cruise Control:

Cruise control is generally seen as a luxury in automobiles and every new car has offered this option as a feature for drivers. So here are some of the advantages that cruise control brings:

  • Cruise control is extremely useful when you go on long drives, since it reduces fatigue and increases comfort).
  • Drivers don’t have to constantly keep an eye on the dashboard to check their speed, which ensures greater luxury and relaxation while driving.
  • Stops drivers from going over speed limits and violating driving laws. Drivers are less likely to drive unsafely with cruise control activated.
  • Drivers can keep their feet on the brake pedal, thus improving their reactions when they have to stop quickly.

Disadvantages of Cruise Control:

There are some disadvantages of using cruise control while driving as well. Drivers have to pay attention to these while driving in order to avoid accident:

  • When cruise control is activated, drivers will not apply constant pressure on the pedal, which can lead to accidents caused by other vehicles.
  • When driving in inclement weather, there is a high possibility that the vehicle may start sliding on the road, especially if it is raining or snowing. During such instances, applying pressure on the brakes may cause the vehicle to spin out of control and cause an accident.

The vast majority of skilled drivers report that they don’t really prefer the cruise control mode on their vehicles, since it is only for lazy drivers. Cruise control definitely makes driving easier, but as for the question about whether it promotes safe driving is open for debate. It is definitely not recommended for drivers to activate cruise control mode when they are driving in inclement weather, since bad visibility and bad driving conditions require the full attention of the driver.

However, if you are driving on the highway with little traffic in front of you, and you want to maintain a certain speed, then cruise control can be highly beneficial. It is all about how you use it, and the conditions in which you are aiming to use cruise control.