Wisconsin Failure to Yield/Right of Way Course

Required 2 Hour Online Course for Traffic Violation

  • WI Department of Transportation Approved Course
  • Accepted by All Courts in Wisconsin State
  • Complete Video Course. Watch it like a Movie!
  • 100% Online Course. From Start to Finish
  • Comes with 24x7 Support. Help is a Call Away

Wisconsin Right Of Way Course

Take this course if you are convicted of a Failure to Yield violation in the state of Wisconsin.

Wisconsin DMV Approved Statewide

Our online course is accepted by all courts in Wisconsin. Rest assured this is the right course.

Only Two Hours Long Online Course

It will be over before you know it. The 2 hour course is fast & easy and saves you time & money.

Filled With Videos and Animations

Taking an online traffic school course doesn't need to be boring. Have Fun and Learn while dismissing citation.

Wisconsin Act 173: Violation Of Failure To Yield

A Wisconsin online traffic school course will be required by any person who becomes convicted and receives citation for failure to stop at stop sign present under the Wisconsin statute 346.18. If this violation causes death to someone else or bodily harm, then there will be a suspension of the operating privilege:

  • The person will be suspended for 9 months if the violation has resulted in death to someone else.
  • The person will be suspended for 3 months if the violation has resulted in some great bodily harm.
  • The person will be suspended for two months if the violation has resulted in some bodily harm.
About The Course

In most of the cases, traffic school courses will be boring for just about anyone. However, our online course is enjoyable, fun, can be easily done. The course will teach you everything through engaging lessons using multimedia, and will make use of animation, real driver interviews, as well as video footages. Apart from learning about responsibility and your role as a driver in Wisconsin, your lessons will focus on:

  • Wisconsin stop at stop sign statute
  • Motorcyclist, bicyclist, and pedestrian safety
  • Lawful procedures in driving when it comes to school crossings
  • General and basic yield laws
The Ease of Our Wisconsin Traffic School

Our course will be of two hours that will go by quickly. Our material is very easy to retain and work with. The whole course will be broken down in five units and each unit will focus on a particular topic and subject. The animations and videos that are available will refresh all of your knowledge regarding the driving laws in Wisconsin along with the various procedures to be followed. The course will be concluded with a short exam consisting of fifteen multiple choice questions and you will require 80% or above to pass the test. This course also helps you to bring down the ticket cost.

Course Completion

Once the Wisconsin online drivers course has been passed, we will make sure that we deliver your results to the DMV. Also, we will inform the DMV about your passing of the course successfully. We will be sending you a copy of your results if you desire through copy right on the browser for printing, direct download, or email.

Money-Back Guarantee and Amazing Price

If you feel that our service or course was not worth it, then we will provide you with a refund straight away. However, the request for a refund should be submitted in the next 30 days of your registration for the course and before you go on to attempt the final exam.